Using Zend Framework Components in CakePHP

Yesterday, A/R/T has published my article I wrote some time ago about using Zend Framework components in CakePHP. In that article a very simple application is created which uses the Zend_Service_Flickr component to access the Flickr webservices.



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    Just today I thougt about using Zend_Search_Lucene as full text indexing solution for CakePHP apps (I used your solution for integrating Zend Framework with CakePHP using a little wrapper file). You can find some code and a search demo at my blog (demo:, related posts and

    Today was the first time a really looked at the “Zend Framework” and I must say, that some of the components they developed are pretty straight forward.

    BTW, your blog is great!


    (Corrected the links)

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    ooops, Andreas not Andreaws. Need some sleep.

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    That sounds cool, I am curious to see your code :)

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