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Five new projects on CakeForge

In the last two weeks five new projects have been started on CakeForge. So let’s have a short look at them. hostadm: I am not quite sure what the goal of this project is. The project description is rather vague: “A system for systems administrators to keep track of systems.” Not bad to use the […]

Cameleon & Butler

It seems to me that almost everyone is trying to write his own content management system (CMS). Since my last post about projects on CakeForge, two new CMS projects were started: Cameleon – The tiny tree-based CMS, and Butler, a CMS for community based portals. I wonder how long it will take until a widely […]

Five new CakeForge projects

Yeah, again, some new projects have been started on CakeForge. ACM: This is not really a new project, it was formerly known as ACL Admin. But the goal is still the same: building a plugin to manage ACL. There is already a release. Bakery: This project will contain the source code for the Cake Bakery […]

Testing infrastructure has been moved to CakeForge

Since the restructuring of the trunk, the testing infrastructure for CakePHP has been moved to its own project on CakeForge. There is no release available yet, so you have to retrieve the files directly from the Subversion repository, see for instructions. Oh, by the way, there are two additional new projects on CakeForge: truPaste, […]

Two tutorials and three new CakeForge projects

In the last days two tutorials have been written and three new CakeForge projects have been registered. The first tutorial is very simple: Creating a draggable element. In my opinion this tutorial is too simple, and I hope the author will add a more advanced example ;-) The second tutorial is interesting for people who […]

New components and CakeForge projects

In the past few days two components have been published, and five new projects have been started. Let us begin with the components. Konstantin Mikhaylov has written a component which allows you to store application configuration data in a file. A component to create zip files on the fly has been published by shaunster. Miguel […]

Two new CakeForge projects

Two new projects have been registered on CakeForge. The first project has a somewhat strange name: ARM-Based Processors. The project description is a little bit vague: This project presents an easy-to-use interface to a parameterized database of ARM-based processors, as well as an example implementation of a user-driven product comparison database. The second project, MoonPie […]

New CakeForge projects

On CakeForge there have been started several new projects. Here are the new projects: Tagging Made Easy: The goal is, as its name indicates, to make tagging easier by providing a component and a helper. lastRSSCake: This project has the goal to develop a component to use the lastRSS library. Ocean CMS: It is obvious […]


Some of you may know the project “CakeMMM” started by Felix Geisendörfer and Frando. In the meantime they renamed the project to “SpliceIt!”, a much better name than “CakeMMM” in my opinion. They also opened the SpliceIt! project on CakeForge. The project description from their CakeForge page: The main goal of the project is to […]

Several new CakeForge projects

In the last days several new projects were registered on CakeForge. Most projects are in a very early stage so that there is no code available yet. Here are the new projects: Libro de Visitas – Guestbook: As it name indicates, it is a guestbook application in Spanish. You find a demo at BakeSale: […]