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An interesting site: CSSplay provides a lot of examples of what can be done with CSS. It is impressive what can be done with CSS (especially for someone like me who often struggles with CSS *g*). Advertisements

Seven free layout templates for CakePHP

Shunro Dozono, a baker from Japan, has ported the designs from Contented Designs to CakePHP. They are a good starting point for creating your own layout if you do not want to create one from scratch.

Tutorial: Creating CSS menus

Andy Dawson (aka AD7six) has written a tutorial about creating a CSS menu. The focus of the tutorial is not on the CSS part, but rather on creating the necessary CakePHP helpers/components.

Some CSS trouble with input and textarea in Firefox

Yesterday, I noticed some weird behaviour in Firefox. I have had an input field and a textarea formatted with CSS like: input, textarea { color: red; font-size: 0.8em; } If you look at this CSS, you would assume that a text you enter will look the same whether it is in the input field or […]