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cakebaker moves to a new kitchen

After some thoughts I decided to leave the kitchen and to move to my own kitchen where I will have more freedom. What does that mean for you? Well, for you the urls change. The new urls are respectively for the RSS feed. I am sorry for the inconveniences… This is the […]

Looking for the (hosting) needle in the (web) haystack

Last weekend I have searched for a hoster for my own stuff. As hosting is a commodity I thought that would be easy. But I was wrong. Even though there are probably thousands of hosters out there I haven’t found an offer that fits my needs yet. And my needs are rather modest: shared hosting […]

Final release 0.10 of CakePHP

Today, the final release 0.10 of CakePHP has been released. Read the announcement, or better get the new release as long as it is warm ;-) A special goody starts on Monday: the series on building the Cake Bakery. From the announcement: On Monday we will begin a 5 part series on building the Cake […]

Release Candidate 6 of CakePHP is here

While I wrote the last post Release Candidate 6 of CakePHP has been released. You can download it from The changelog and the announcement can be found here: Enjoy RC6!

Release Candidate 5 of CakePHP is available

Maybe you already heard it: RC5 of CakePHP is available. The major changes are (from the announcement): ability to put /app and /cake core directory anywhere, check out /app/webroot/index.php /vendors can be in the same place as cake or inside app /tmp is now inside /app better plugin setup take recursive as far as you […]

CakePHP conventions

CakePHP uses the convention over configuration approach. gwoo has added the conventions used by CakePHP to the startpage of the wiki. As they are essential, I will repeat them here: table names are plural and lowercased model names are singular and CamelCased: ModelName model filenames are singular and underscored: model_name.php controller names are plural and […]

gwoo is blogging

gwoo, the project manager of CakePHP, has started with his own blog at He uses rdBloggery as blog software, so he eats his own dog food ;-) Well, I am looking forward to his coming posts :)

CakePHP RC3 released

Release Candidate 3 of CakePHP has been released (announcement, changelog and the download). So with the third release candidate available it should not take a long time for the final release :)

CakePHP RC2 is here!

RC1 was a release which caused some pain due its nasty bugs. They should be fixed in the new RC2, released today. Read the announcement and the changelog, or simply get the new release!

CakePHP Releasecandidate 1 is available

The releasecandidate 1 of CakePHP has been published today. Read the announcement and the changelog. or simply get the new release!