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Getting Things Read

As a blog reader you probably know the “problem” of the daily information flood from the blogosphere. If you have subscribed dozens of feeds you usually get dozens of new posts a day. In this post I will show you how I deal with that “problem”. My strategy consists of two elements: scanning phases and […]

An idea for sending emails with CakePHP

On the weekend, Felix Geisendörfer (aka the_undefined) presented an email solution for CakePHP based on the ActionMailer class from Ruby on Rails. It inspired me to think about this topic. The result of this thinking is a proof-of-concept implementation of a mailer component which uses models (and some of Felix’ code). You can download it […]

An alternative approach for organizing your controllers

The recommended way to organize your controllers in a CakePHP application is to group functions related to one model in a controller, like UsersController, ProjectsController, and so on. So you get urls like /users/edit/1 and /projects/show/1. That works fine, but there is a little issue. If you compare the urls with the natural language, such […]

CakePHP soon as Pear Package?

Mustapha tries to create a Pear package of CakePHP. Up to now he was not successful. He writes in his post: …I tried to see if it is easy to make cakephp into a pear package. The first problem I see is the ROOT constant which is used in many places in the framework (32 […]

Toggling associations

ThinkingPHP has published an idea how you can activate/deactivate associations for a findAll() call. Nice. There is also a RFC (request for comment) for integrating this feature into the core of CakePHP.

aflatters ideas for CakePHP discusses some ideas about how to improve CakePHP.