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Wrong testing approach :(

In the last days, we (Olle and I) experimented with testing CakePHP applications. It worked. But unfortunately, our approach was wrong. The script we used (scripts/test.php) should not be used and has been removed from trunk yesterday. I do not know how to do it in the right way yet, but we will find out […]

Execute your CakePHP tests in your IDE

If you use an IDE that supports Ant, like PHPEclipse, you can simply add the following Ant script to your project: <?xml version=”1.0″?> <project name=”YOUR_PROJECT” default=”test”> <property name=”scriptsDir” value=”PATH_TO_SCRIPTS_DIR” /> <target name=”test”> <exec dir=”${scriptsDir}” executable=”php”> <arg line=”test.php” /> </exec> </target> </project> Update (2006-01-10): This script is no longer useful because scripts/test.php has been removed from […]

Testing CakePHP applications

Olle has completed the first version of the tutorial Testing Cake applications I started yesterday. Thank you, Olle! Check it out. Feedback is welcome!