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Image gallery and thumbnail generator for CakePHP

Viktor Nagy has written a tutorial about creating an image gallery with CakePHP. You can see this image gallery in action on this site: The most useful part of this tutorial is in my opinion the thumbnail generator component which you can use without the image gallery. Advertisements

Another tutorial about creating multilingual CakePHP applications

Christian Trummer has written another tutorial about creating multilingual CakePHP applications. His approach uses the packages Translation2 and Auth_PrefManager from pear.

Two tutorials and three new CakeForge projects

In the last days two tutorials have been written and three new CakeForge projects have been registered. The first tutorial is very simple: Creating a draggable element. In my opinion this tutorial is too simple, and I hope the author will add a more advanced example ;-) The second tutorial is interesting for people who […]

Tutorial: Creating CSS menus

Andy Dawson (aka AD7six) has written a tutorial about creating a CSS menu. The focus of the tutorial is not on the CSS part, but rather on creating the necessary CakePHP helpers/components.


In the last days I experimented with Selenium (thanks to knoebi for the hint). What is Selenium? Here the description from the website: Selenium is a test tool for web applications. Selenium tests run directly in a browser, just as real users do. I have to admit that I like Selenium, and so I will […]

30 Ajax tutorials

Max Kiesler has published in his blog a list of 30 Ajax tutorials. If you use Ajax, I am sure you will find in this list some new ideas. I am especially happy about the fact that one of these 30 tutorials is an article I wrote in this blog two months ago (“Submit a […]

Validation approaches for CakePHP

Yesterday, Myles Eftos has published another tutorial about validating data with CakePHP. What is special on his approach is that it allows client-side validation with Javascript. With this tutorial there are in total four different approaches described for doing data validation with CakePHP: The official approach described in the manual Complex Model Validation Routines Advanced […]

PHPMailer with CakePHP

ols has written a tutorial about using PHPMailer with CakePHP. If you do not want to use a third-party class for sending e-mails you can use the approach described in the tutorial “Sending Email”.

Building Cake Bakery

Today, PhpNut started a project called “Cake Bakery”. The goal of this project is to develop an application in six steps and to document these steps. The application should allow users to publish articles and to comment these articles (and maybe it will replace the wiki). The first step, creating the scaffolded application, is already […]

Tutorial: Alternative installation locations

maular has written a tutorial about the more flexible directory structure of CakePHP introduced with RC5. It is a must read if you want to use one CakePHP installation for several projects.