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As I got an invitation to test the pic2color service, here a short review. The goal of pic2color is to extract a color scheme from an image. It is an interesting idea, but the service is not really practical yet. You can select or upload an existing image, and it creates a WordPress theme with […]

findABaker job board started

This week there was a discussion in the IRC channel about a missing job board for cake related jobs. Voilà, here it is: findABaker. Feedback is as always welcome :) Btw: I switched to a minimalist blog theme which should fix the issues with displaying code snippets in some browsers (and it is a good […]

Version 1.0 of CakePHP released!

Today, version 1.0 of CakePHP has been released. It is primary a bugfix release. You can download it from Or read the announcement. But must noticable is the new, much more attractive, design of the CakePHP website. It was created by Armando Sosa. Great job, Armando!

Wiki is down

I am sure you have noticed that the CakePHP wiki is down. It seems that it won’t come back. Here a transcript of the related discussion from the IRC log from yesterday (I removed unrelated stuff): 16:26:39 W|cked: Anyone know when the wiki will be back up? 16:27:57 PhpNut_: More then likely I will not […]

Access the CakePHP IRC channel via web

A new service has been launched on It allows you to access the CakePHP IRC channel via browser (your browser needs support for Java). On the same page you could also find the IRC log files.


Some of you may know the project “CakeMMM” started by Felix Geisendörfer and Frando. In the meantime they renamed the project to “SpliceIt!”, a much better name than “CakeMMM” in my opinion. They also opened the SpliceIt! project on CakeForge. The project description from their CakeForge page: The main goal of the project is to […]

CakePHP api documentation in Windows help format

A company called “Internet Guru” (what a name *g*) provides on their wiki page the CakePHP api documentation in the Windows help format. Maybe that is useful for you.

CakePHP for beginners

Graham Bird has created a site dedicated to CakePHP beginners. He offers a quick guide to CakePHP, a glossary, tutorials and links. @Graham: Nice design :)

CakePHP websites

Almost daily, people are coming to this blog from search engines with search terms like “cake websites” or “cakephp websites”. I assume they are looking for websites created with CakePHP. Well, you can find a list of such websites in the showcase.

New design for cake websites

In the last days all cake websites have got a new design and a new logo. The nasty brown color has been replaced with a nice blue color. I like it :)